Why car sharing is the future

Why car sharing is the future


Having to move around from one spot to the other especially if the destination is far can be very tedious without the use of a car or other means of transportation. People tend to use cars a lot for their travels because of the convenience they get and the distance it covers within a short period. Owning a car can have so many positive effects but can also have its negative side that is why the need to introduce car-sharing.

Car sharing is a method that has been in existence for a long period but is gradually being accepted into a society based on the many benefits of sharing a car. Car sharing is a method whereby people tend to share the use of a car in exchange for a certain fee. These sets of people must be registered as club members so they can access the car and book for the car use using their membership card. Members ensure that the cars are kept clean and with a high level of petrol for each trip.

Car sharing has so many advantages which are beneficial to the user and also to the planet at large. Car sharing is the future and these are the reasons.

1.Helps you save money

Car sharing takes away the financial implications of owning a car such as;

  • Buying a car: we all know that buying a car can be cost-effective. Some people spend years saving up to buy a car and this can be draining.
  • Paying for insurance: this is a must for your vehicle to be road-worthy and thus incurs financial cost.
  • Paying for routine maintenance: every machine needs maintenance same with a car.
  • Paying for gas: some of the car-sharing companies, pay for your gas as part of your membership. Some also give you the option of driving an electric car.

2.It decreases air pollution.

Having to share a car helps to reduce the number of cars on the road thereby reducing the number of toxic substances emitted into our atmosphere. Most car-sharing companies would opt for fuel-efficient or electric cars to save cost, indirectly decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

3.Reduces traffic on the road

With the introduction of car-sharing, there tend to be fewer cars on the road since car-sharing allows those heading in the same direction to share a car. This tends to reduce the amount of traffic on the road and help make people reach their destinations faster.

4.Car selection

With the introduction of car sharing, you get the opportunity to select the car that you want to drive based on the cars the company offers. This is great, isn’t it? Imagine driving vehicles for different trips, this is exciting and also satisfies your fantasies.


With fewer cars on the road, we get to have fewer parking lots. Most green areas are being turned into parking lots thereby creating an imbalance in the ecosystem. Bringing back our trees and parks would make our environment more pleasant to live in.