Visit Rwanda is a slogan that Rwanda is pushing to encourage a number of tourists to visit the country. As you have seen it on the sleeves of the Arsenal players as well as on the sleeves of the Paris Saint Germain players, you should visit Rwanda because it offers many rewarding attractions where travelers can participate in. This slogan of “Visit Rwanda” has encouraged a number of tourists from western countries to visit. There are many fascinating attractions in Rwanda, ranging from the local culture, historical landmarks, wildlife, and many other worthwhile sights that can be seen on a memorable visit to the nation.

Wildlife species

Tourists visit Rwanda with an interest in watching different wildlife species in the country, but mostly the mountain gorillas, being the core tourist attraction that has attracted many travelers to visit Rwanda for the memorable mountain gorilla trekking in Africa. Tourists should note that gorilla trekking in Africa is so rewarding due to the presence of half of the world’s remaining wild mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. You can reach the habituated mountain gorilla families in Rwanda by hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda, which include Mount Gahinga, Mountain Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi, and Mount Sabyinyo.

 Volcanoes national park gorilla trekking gives tourists another chance of seeing other primate species such as golden monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys. When you arrive at the gorilla family, you will get to spend an hour with the gorillas and see a number of rewarding features of the gorillas in the wild.

Tourists can participate in golden monkey trekking in addition to their mountain gorilla trekking safari in the Volcanoes National Park, giving you the opportunity to see the critically endangered golden monkey species, which is endemic to the Albertine Rift and is only found in the Mgahinga and Virunga national parks.

Tourists can engage in tracking the big five animals when they visit Akagera national park. This can be done during game drives in the park, where travelers can see elephants and rhinos grazing on the savannah plains, leopards and lions searching for prey during the evening game drives; and you can also take a boat cruise on Lake Ihema to see buffalo takin’ water.

You can travel to Nyungwe Forest National Park, so that you can take part in a canopy walk in Rwanda, where you will get to see a variety of rewarding experiences, such as chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda as well as seeing other 12 primates in the wild for an amazing encounter, and you will also have the chance to see a variety of other rewarding monkey species.

Rwanda genocide

You must participate in the Rwanda Genocide Tour if you visit Rwanda. Rwanda is well-known for the 1994 genocide, during which Hutus, another Rwandan tribe, targeted the Tutsi population. The Tutsi were the main target of the Rwandan genocide. You can visit a number of genocide memorial museums during the Rwanda genocide tour, including the Kigali genocide memorial museum and the Gisozi genocide memorial museum, which will help you comprehend more about the terrible time. You will get to watch a confessional of the killers, hear testimonies from the people they killed, and see many other letters and photographs from the survivors, in addition to many other fascinating features.

Kigali City Tours

While on a city tour of Kigali, you will have the opportunity to visit Kimironko Market, the largest and oldest market in Rwanda, where you can buy a variety of organic fruits. You will also have the chance to interact with locals from other nations, such as Congolese and Ugandans, as well as visit many other attractions to make your city tours in Rwanda enjoyable. Among the other interesting cities in the nation that can be visited are Kayonza, Nyabugogo, Butare, and Gisovu.