SPAIN arts & culture / Spring 2011 Spanish Cultural Program

From January through August 2011, Spain is proud to present more than 100 events all over the US featuring the most cutting-edge works of international renowned Spanish artists in fields such as design, urban culture, architecture, visual arts, film, performing arts, literature and music.

A series of exhibitions, conferences, showcases, and performances will take place at the most prestigious American cultural institutions bringing a taste of all the creativity, history, and talent of Spanish artists to the American public.

Artists: Architecture -Nieto/Sobejano; Design -Jaime Hayón, Patricia Urquiola, Nacho Carbonell, Curro Claret, Martín Azúa, Martí Guixé, Antoni Arola and Juli Capella (BRAVOS), Film –Even the rain (Iciar Bollaín); Flamingo Flamingo (Carlos Saura); Heritage –The Threads of Memory; Literature – Andrés Barba, Pablo Gutiérrez, Sonia Hernández, Javier Montes, Elvira Navarro, and Alberto Olmos (GRANTA); Music –Polock, Russian Red, among others, Visual Arts -Javier Arce, Cristina Cañas, Óscar Carrasco, Carles Congost, Ángel Hernández Tuset, Cristina Lucas, Pablo Pérez Sanmartín and  Fernando Sánchez Castillo (SPANISH YOUNG ART); Jaume Plensa (ECHO); Antoni Muntadas (ON ACADEMIA).

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