Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This artwork belong to serie "Red Hot" . This series includes pieces inspired in the "rescue". Sometimes waste rescued from nature, others, natural matter with special texture, historical past, functional... They take part of the art pieces in a group that shows the "collection moment". These pieces are characterized by being thought
provoking works about our immediate future, the changes in our contemporaneousness and especially environment and respect for Nature.

  This composition belongs to a series of works in which I am working, whose main theme is based on the personal fulfillment of the human being, acting transmitter and receiver of energy, of life. The energy that neither is created nor destroyed but is transformed. The personal fulfillment of the human being through the search of knowledge, truth as an objective for freedom and love. The recovery of human values and lost attitudes. Where each and every one of us needs everyone. Where we are united by red, connected threads.

These rescued, tiles, I have add human figures (my silhouette). These human figures share among them and project with red threads the energy received, at the same time that integrate in the artwork in the new space they belong now. I repeat my silhouettes Silhouettes connected by vital signs, by red lines, by different spaces and
times, having as reference an oriental legend that tells that people destined to meet have a red thread tied in their fingers. This thread never disappears and remains constantly tied, despite time and distance. It does not matter what it takes to meet that person, no matter how long you spend without seeing it, it does not even matter if you live on the other end of the world: the thread will stretch to infinity but it will never break. And a South African ethical rule (Ubuntu) focused on the loyalty of people and the relationships between them.
"I am because we are"
"One person becomes human through other people"
"Belief is a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity."

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