Friday, July 4, 2014

  This artworks belong to serie Red Hot is the title that includes artworks made between 2012 and 2014 . It includes a series of artworks that the process of inspiration is in the "rescue" of elements. Sometimes discarded waste, rescued the landscape ... in others, are elements of nature for its texture, historical, functional ... last become part of the work within a compositional whole recounting the moment the "collection".  

  Composition of elements and objects  are full of energy, of life, emotion, immediate feeling, visual wealth(richness), historical past, definitively, of its essence...
I rescue them, its beauty, texture, color... In this emotional dialog I give them new life and dignity , objects descontextualizados that in occasions are residues rejected whose presence and accumulation suppose a loss of the quality of the landscape, accelerating the pollution of the soil and the degradation continues of the environment, of the ecosystem and our near reality, arousing and making us think about brings over of our environment and our Nature.

  These rescued, tiles, I have add human figures (my silhouette). These human figures share among them and project with red threads the energy received, at the same time that integrate in the artwork in the new space they belong now.
  Recycle tiles rescue on a fire in an industrial ship, near  the zone where I reside that it was devastated by the fire. Left in the time, these tiles remained impregnated with the stamp of the fire and were for me motive of its "revival" and transformation. In this action the matter,  space,  time,  instant and the emotions shape an everything In this action , creating a new scene where the energy (represented by red threads) transforms in artwork and the artwork in energy, canalizing the transmission of premeditations.
The artwork relate to the moment of the rescue of these elements through a video projection  Andrés García Mellado, that projects the place where that elements has been rescued.


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