Monday, July 4, 2016

Penelope is Waiting is a multiple portrait of a contemporary Penelope waiting for Ulysses.

It is a 7min video installation available to book and premiere worldwide. The project was presented in Livorno (Tuscany, Italy) as part of Crossing Stages European Project, and screened as monocanal video at ARTS sevilla (

We imagine an empty space in the end of the world, which is here. Inside everyone. A long wait full of love where everything is an affirmation of life. (Maybe this is why Ulysses by James Joyce ends: "yes I said I want yes")

Conceived as a transmedia project, it's a video installation/performance for art centers, public spaces and digital networks. The main element is the simoultaneous projection of four videos of 7min as a Cubist scene by Picasso. It allows distribution through a variety of media as movie theaters, television and the internet.

Penelope is Waiting ia a work by filmmaker/multimedia artist Pedro Valiente, who started working on video design with director/visual artists Robert Wilson. It's crafted as a technological tableau vivant coordinated by Alfredo Miralles and Irene Gómez.

Sound design, emotional and subtle, creates a powerful storytelling integrating a performance by Paloma Zavala, Odin Teatret collaborator and emerging artist in Madrid; music by contemporary composer Juan José Talavera; photography by Daniel Rodríguez del Pozo; still photo by Juan Manuel Nuñez; and web/multimedia design by Sara Conde.

VIDEO ART / PERFORMANCE As a live performance, it's a moving portrait of mythical Penelope in four large screens displaced on space. The audience decides what to see. They are free to choose since the picture is neither single nor still. Penelope is viewed in diferent ways -looking through a Balcony, sleeping under a Table, floating around Columns, and making Coffee. Although in this game of mirrors/screens/portraits there is a dobule narrative -the open story constructed in the spectator's mind and the one suggested by the music.

TRANSMEDIA PROJECT  It's the starting point of a tech lab integrating visual arts, industrial design, robotics and new technology. As a transmedia project, Penelope is Waiting is connected with other productions and platforms. It comes out of filmming one of the seven stories of You are Mythical, feature film linked to a variety of contents including Crossing Stages book, Crossing Europe documentary film, videos, photos, illustrations, essays and media. A unique universe of platforms connecting projects on the edges of new forms of art and storytelling: / /


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