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Thursday, October 18, 2012



During the selection of the artists these past few months, Héctor Ayuso, director of OFFF, a festival dedicated to digital cultures where a new generation of creators has emerged, affirmed the following: as Spaniards we carry in our DNA the “ability to survive”.  We understand better than anyone that the way we relate to new technologies is changing.  Today the real challenge for the Spanish artists is to look for new and unconventional ways to tell stories and focus every effort into becoming exactly what they have always wanted to be.  WeMadeThis.Es celebrates this moment with more than 300 pages of visual imagery and its audiovisual equivalent by means of a webpage and an iPhone app. 


In WeMadeThis.Es you will find the excellent illustrations of Àlex Trochut, the elegance of Andrey Balius, the freshness of Atipo, the multidisciplinary nature of Base, the imagery of Boolab, the bold and sassy talent of Brosmind, the peculiar world of the multi-award winning Canadá, the intelligent and brilliant concepts of Carlitos and Patricia, the personality and fun of Cocoe, the hallucinogenic trips of Devin, the simplicity and harmony of Eduardo de Fraile, the taste for analogies of Folch Studio, the craftsmanship and vitality of director Iván Córdoba, the risky yet brave graphics of Kike Besada, the sophisticated rebellion of La Camorra, the artisans Losiento, the colors and curvy shapes of Marta Cerdá, the post-modern still-lifes of Mr.Oso, the diabolic symmetries of Pablo Abad, the coolness and passion of Physalia Studio, the exquisiteness and nerve of Popcrac, the perfect compositions of Ritxi Ostáriz, the life of the sculptures of Serial Cut, the three-dimensional dreams of Toch Studio, the perfectionism of Toormix, the advanced classicism of Two Points and the professionalism and versatility of Vasava.


WeMadeThis.Es is published by Indexbook and SPAIN arts & culture.


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