Tuesday, September 19, 2017
New York (NY)

OLVIDADIZO (Forgetful / 2017 / 30min / Spain, United States, Mexico, Russia) by  Arturo Alanis, is a short film featuring Ana Torrent, Gal Soler and Paula Bertolín, photographed by Konstantin Lyubimov, and co-produced by Pedro Valiente. 


Following the untimely death of his last daughter Miguel decides to leave his home village, but the ghosts of his dead relatives plot to kill him in hopes of earning their final rest by reuniting the family in death.


Development for Olvidadizo began in October 2015 when the director, Arturo Alanis, together with the Producer and Director of Photography, Konstantin Lyubimov, started working on the story and went through 14 drafts of the script within one month. During this time, Pedro Valiente joined the project as a producer and started working on pre-production in Spain along with Nadia Zúñiga, the casting director.

In order to make Olvidadizo, a top notch crew was assembled bringing people together from the United States, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, India, Guatemala and Ukraine to work together on the film. The crew of twenty five people mainly comprised of students from New York University, as well as three professional crew members from Russia, flew into Spain over the first two weeks of 2016. Principal photography began on January 10th.

Olvidadizo was shot in S’Agaro, Spain and its surroundings over the course of ten days. The cast, made up of talented Spanish actors such as Ana Torrent, Gal Soler and Jorge-Yamam Serrano to name a few, worked hand in hand with the crew shooting on boats, beaches, a church, windy walkways, a rock staircase, streets, a funeral home and other challenging locations to bring the ambitious script to life. -Arturo Alanis, Konstantin Lyubimov


The film connects the United States, Spain, Mexico and other countries. The crew is formed by MA Film graduates from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. The cast is from Spain, the film was shot in Costa Brava, and co-produced by a Spanish filmmaker. The director is Mexican and the cinematographer is Russian. The team as a whole comes from nine countries.


Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, USA, September 22 
Palena Film Festival, Italy, August 7-10 
Anthology Film Archives, New York, May 8


Gal Soler, Ana Torrent, Paula Bertolín, Jorge Yamam Serrano, Frances Pages, Victoria Farre, Carlos Reyes, Merce Espelleta, Nadia Zúñiga, Jaume Malaret, Barbara Shabardina, Adrián Elizondo


Director, writer, producer: Arturo Alanis / Cinematographer, writer, producer: Konstantin Lyubimov / Co-producer: Pedro Valiente / Producers: Sofia Diek, Nora Zubizarreta / Executive producer: Natalia Lyubimova / Line producer: Celester Erlander / Production designer: Ecegul Bayram / Editor: Joanie Educate / Assistant director: Sachin Dharwadker / 1st AC: Briana Man / 2nd AC: Jeremy Liguori / Sound mixer: Artur Szerejko / Boom operator: Travis Tyghe / Sound designer: David Britton / Gaffer: Ilia Maskileison / Key grip: Frank Contreras / Production assistant: Yiannis Yannetakis / Make up artist: Elmira Zotova / Assistant Make up artist: Arkadin Baimatov / Still photographer-stunt double: Olga Ushakova

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