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My Neighbors

My curiosity to explore new surroundings brought me to New York and to My Neighbors, where I experienced the impact that all those magnetic characters had in my journey.


Having grown up in a small town by the Mediterranean sea, where everyone knows each other, then arrive to New York where no one knows you, that was challenging, the beginning of a new cycle.


During the time I was there I developed a necessity to depict two contrasting ideas: AUTHENTICITY VS ARTIFICIALITY.


I started wandering the city on my own, searching for the places were all the cultures merged revealing the different connections between them and myself. I felt that all those characters belonged to me in the same way that nothing belongs to anybody. These photographs showcase a naked New York, a city with no make up. Facing the viewer with people not usually shown on the screen. I was instantly overwhelmed with a deep feeling of humanism and compassion; I found myself in a quest to portray a realistic view of the world we live in. I begged for nature. My goal was to transmit an honest reality with respect to the fake side of society and to paint a transparent landscape with my eyes. Trying to be a testimony to the world's naked truth and it's hidden splendor, seeking and stalking the light of my neighbors, their dignity as human beings and their sense of honor.


I photographed my neighbors according to my experience, through the vision of who I am. With this captures, I am taking with me the collective memory, a mirror in which society reflects in a continued manner and where I expect to be a voice of communication.

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