Carpet Diem

Sunday, May 8, 2016
San Francisco (CA)

Site-specific Installation 
May 12 - August 15th, 2016
Variable Measurements

Curated by Almudena Fernandez Fariña
Part of the program 10 curators, 10 artists

Sala Alterarte
University of Vigo, Campus Ourense, Spain

My passion for drawing and textiles took me to create this installation with discarded rugs and carpets. Carpet Diem is an intervention in Sala Alterarte, a very particular gallery from the architectonical point of view. The floor is a continuation of the walls instead of forming a 90 degree angle. This took me to create a pattern that would flow from walls and floor erasing even more the limits of the space.

This installation is a play of presence and absence in witch the wall participates of the pattern and the "drawing" extends through the architecture softening its limits. 

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