Avalon: Suite for Flamenco Guitar & Orchestra

Friday, October 30, 2015
Miami (FL)

Avalon is a Suite for flamenco guitar and orchestra composed by Maestro Jose Luis Rodriguez with orchestrations by Maestro Alex Conde.


This Suite is divided into 7 independent pieces, each sub-divided into 4 movements; making this 45 minute work one of the longest and most elaborate pieces for Flamenco Guitar and Orchestra.


Avalon is comprised of traditional flamenco structures, such as Fandangos, Solea, Seguiriya and Guajira, whose compositions were inspired by Jose Luis’ visions of a traveler looking for his place in the world. This journey is expressed through each of Avalon’s movement’s, in waves rhythms and textures that heighten the richness of the Flamenco genre.


Alex Conde perfectly understood the musical colors and textures that Jose Luis was seeking, and thus was able to mix elements of the classical and the flamenco in a way that opened the dialog between flamenco and classical musicians with regards to how the two languages can be used simultaneously without one or the other loosing its identity.


“Avalon comes from my own desire to seek ways of bringing Flamenco music to new audiences and spaces just as my mentor, Mario Escudero, did. Through his compositions and his vision of the music, I entered into an understanding of the classical music language, techniques and compositional forms, which greatly influenced my work as a Flamenco guitarist and composer. In Avalon, both languages embrace each other and journey together".

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