Saturday, September 1, 2012
Washington (DC)

The Embassy of Spain is pleased to present the 2012-2013 FALL/WINTER Spain arts & culture program. A wide range of Spanish creative projects will travel throughout the United States  from September 2012 until January 2013, bringing energy to these new seasons. 


Spanish culture and talent has never had such presence as it will this year in the United States. A total of  22 cities will showcase our noteworthy artists. Some of them do not need introductions, such as Picasso, Velázquez, and other masters of The Pradolike Goya and El Greco. They will share new territories with the most avant-garde talents. For the first time, Spain will participate in Black Box, a program dedicated by the Hirshhorn Museum to audiovisual art. The collective Democracy, formed by Pablo España and Iván López, will demonstrate the visual force of movement with their installation To Be and To Last.

In this edition, SPAIN arts & culture pays special attention to architecture, welcoming Alberto Campo Baeza, Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewic, Esteve Sola, and Núria Casquero, and will also present the second part of the tour Young Architects of Spain (YAS) in New York, College Station Texas, and New Orleans. These artists will showcase the different ways to approach the relationships between materials and space, the public and the private, and the functional and the artistic, in a continually experimental manner.


Literature is another one of this season’s features. Enrique Vila-Matas will visit Washington DC and New York to share thoughts and conversation with Paul Auster and translator Anne McLean; Javier Cercas will present “The Anatomy of a Moment” and “The Speed of Light” in various cities; and Nobel Prize winner and iconic representation of Spanish literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, will speak about his literary career at the Cervantes Institute in New York. 


Contemporary photography will be showcased in Latino US: Cotidiano, a project conceived specifically for the United States, and commissioned by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain. Curator Claudi Carreras has collected the work of 12 Iberian-American photographers who have related the reality of more than 50 million people with substantial influence in the political, economic, and social environments of the country. The Curator and some of the photographers will participate in a tour that kicks off at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. this December. 


Cinema will be present all around the country such as the Festival of New Spanish Cinema (Washington DC, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Portland, and Houston); Established series like Recent Spanish Cinema (Los Angeles and Miami); or The Spanish Film Club by Pragda will be held in various universities. Enrique Urbizu, Goya Cinema Awarded Director for No habrá paz para los malvados (No Rest for the Wicked) will be among the  many to make a personal appearance.


Tours such as the DJ John Talabot, Carlos Núñez, Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina, or performances like Diego el Cigala in the Festival Flamenco Gitano USA 2012, are some samples of the value of music in this program.

Other events featured in the 2012-2013 Fall/Winter edition:


Architecture: Young Architects of Spain in Nueva York, College Station (TX) and New Orleans | Conference series by Alberto Campo Baeza in Washington DC and Iñaki Abalos and Renata Sentkiewicz at The National Building Museum | Performing Arts: Microtheater at CCEMiami | Garden of Delights / El jardín de las Delicias of Fernando Arrabal in Nueva York | Spanish Choreography by Compañía E at Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC | Several cities tour of Fundación Casa Patas with Karen Lugo | Visual Arts: video installation by
Democracia collective at Hirshhorn Museum (DC) | Photographic exhibit Once Upon a Time in Almería by Mark Parascandola (Washington, D.C.) | Picasso Black and White at the Solomon R. Guggenheim, New York, Diego Velázquez: The Early Court Portraits at The Meadows Museum (Dallas)| Masterpieces from El Greco, Goya,Murillo and other master from El Museo del Prado at the Art Museum in Houston | Film: No rest for the wicked at Instituto Cervantes New York, with director Enrique Urbizu| Festival of New Spanish Cinema (Washington DC,
Chicago, Seatle, Miami, Portland y Houston) Spanish Cinema Now (Nueva York), Spanish Film Club by Pragda | Design: Publication in USA of the book WEMADETHIS.ES, Spanish post-digital creation culture | Literature: Presentation of Javier Cercas and Enrique Vila-Matas’s novels | Conversation with Mario Vargas Llosa at Instituto Cervantes New York | Músic: Tours of John Talabot, Carlos Núñez, Joan Manuel y Joaquín Sabina | Flamenco Festival USA 2012 with artist such as Diego el Cigala or La Farruca.


View it online (http://bit.ly/TP1Xhb), check out all the events at our website (www.spainculture.us) or pick up your catalog at your next SPAIN arts & culture event.

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