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Thu, 01/26/2017

PICTURE BOOK SURGERY is a monthly workshop/book club where all participants learn from each other. We get together to dissect our favorite picture books, and to discover new ones.Charlotte Cheng & Diana Toledano are the two Bay Area illustrators...

  • Tue, 07/01/2014

    Illustration created for the Illustration Conference ICON8, exhibited in Portland at Land...

  • Mon, 05/02/2016

    Ink drawing.

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Visual Arts

About me

Hi, my name is Diana, but it's pronounced Deanna because I'm from Spain. ...

About me

Hi, my name is Diana, but it's pronounced Deanna because I'm from Spain. I grew up in Madrid. I’m a Pisces, I have curly hair and you’ll never see me without my glasses (if you do, I won’t be seeing you). I studied Art History (Madrid University, UAM) and also Visual Arts with a focus on Illustration (Madrid Art School #10). Now I work as a freelance illustrator in San Francisco (CA), where I share a hundred year old house with my red bearded husband and a fluffy kitty. My illustrations are mostly handmade. I enjoy playing with different techniques. I love patterns, textures and tiny little details. I’m inspired by long walks, music, books, museums, nature, kids, smiles and far away places.

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Diana Toledano
Location: San Francisco (CA) - USA

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