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Thu, 03/02/2017

Spanish artists Isabel Alonso Vega and Cristina Avello invited by the Art Center Urgel3 will exhibit their work at Scope NY 2017.Isabel's work speaks of the intangible, of that which is there, but is seldom visible, almost impossible to touch, much less...

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Visual Arts

About me

I was born in Madrid, Spain. I lived and worked in London and New York and I am currently based in Madrid. ...

About me

I was born in Madrid, Spain. I lived and worked in London and New York and I am currently based in Madrid. My work is inspired by women and by their constant quest for finding their balance. When I reflect upon my personal search, I cannot help but think about the sea and this transports me to a realm where water and femininity unite. Both women and sea are forces of nature and share traits such as elegance, strength and weakness, purity, sensibility, beauty, and harmony. There are days and times where balance is nowhere to be seen and we find ourselves in a chaotic internal state. Feelings, doubts, fear, anxiety crush deep inside as waves do against a wall. Other days, usually those when we stop demanding and testing our limits, when we are more benevolent and accept ourselves, we then thrive and find our balance. Those magical and ephemeral moments create a sensual and delicate harmony which makes us seem lighter. Its beauty resides in its fragility. My work emerges from that space within me that craves harmony and attempts to capture the inner beauty of all those emotions, feelings, energy, and tensions. It tries to depict the peace and balance that we savor in those brief and magical moments when our world aligns.

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Location: Madrid - Spain

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