Tue, 06/27/2017

We are a company focused on immersive storytelling, telepresence and Full Sensory Embodied Virtual Reality, enabling the audience to really feel extraordinary experiences.

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About me

Documentary Filmmaker&Photographer ...

About me

Documentary Filmmaker&Photographer (Born 1984, Spain/Colombia) Andrea Lamount was born in Barcelona in 1984 to Colombian parents. After beginning her studies in the Escuela de Cine y Audiovisuales de Cataluña, she decided to focus on documentary photography and travel the world. While learning to work with light and sound she documented the remote cultures of Asia and searched for her roots in Latin America. She has exhibited in Colombia, Brazil, France, Spain, Greece, and was given the UNESCO Peace Diploma for her photographic work with Afro-Colombians who have been displaced due to the armed conflict. After receiving various awards and the GrisArt '12 scholarship for video, her focus began to concentrate on human values, investigating different mental perceptions using film and binaural sound, new technologies and science.

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Andrea Lamount