Side Chick Blues | Chapbook Release

Date: Monday, October 23, 2017
Location: New York (NY) - USA

“Side Chick Blues” comes out on October 23, 2017. 

You can pre-order now on my website: 


You might know me as the former captain of the AIDS Walk NY Butch/Femme team or the co-host of the sadly defunct NYC Butch Femme Socials and NYC Butch Femme Outings. I’m just another ******* femme doing her utmost, publicly and personally, to ensure butch/femme remains visible.

Oh yes, I have written over ninety books and chapbooks. In addition to being published in several anthologies, I have written for El DIVArio de Shangay Lily, Lespensantes, MiraLES, The Indie, and The Wander.


Maria Lapachet's poetry chapbook “Side Chick Blues” cuts like a grainy 16mm short film of ferocious need and burning love doused in a hot tub of fresh blood, yet breathing loud. She howls,

"I want your hands running through my hair.
I want the smell of you on my skin and hair
I want you handprints embedded in my asscheeks.
I want your teeth marks on my back."

Yet those who previously read Lapachet's erotica know that **** is day to day exigency that supplies strength to a relationship. Call it “love,” call it “need.” Truth is, in Lapachet's kneading poetry *** and love are like spoon and a bowl of soup to a hungry mouth. Love is love when you are here with me. Not when you are gone.

This chapbook's 24 poems are more Erica Jong in "Fruits & Vegetables" and "Half-Lives" than Anais Nin excavating wisdom and mirth in copulation. Lapachet tells it as it is. The poetry is understated because her language's wicked honesty leaves no room for double-reading. She is hurt. She is wanting. She's telling us that.

Chapbook: 24 pages
Publisher: Cordoba Books 
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781640081208

Hashtags: #BDSM#butch#femme#femmewriter#*******writer,#MariaLapachet #SideChickBlues#SideChickBlueslapachet#stonebutch

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