INTERVENTIONS: A project curated by Isidro Blasco

Date: Saturday, October 20 - Sunday, October 21, 2012

INTERVENTIONS: A project curated by Isidro Blasco


The grand idea is to test our ideas in a “real” environment and to have fun doing it. But we also intend to “keep/incorporate” these interventions in the house when I go and do the renovation. The fundamental changes that the artists are doing to the house, will be incorporated. It could be just a fragment that is left untouched in the continuum of the wall/floor, or it can be that the shape of the actual wall will be different because of that intervention.


The artists in this project will intervene in the house in a way that goes inside the walls, the floors, the ceilings, or the moldings. But it can also be intervening into the air and the light/sound. There is no specific allocation of place to make your intervention, each person chooses where to do it. Almost everything is permitted: cutting, ripping, pasting; always without compromising the structure of the house.



Gema Alava, Todd Baldwin, Isidro Blasco, Agar Blasco, Denise Gadelha, Amy Linsenmayer, Caitilin Masley


Location: 2009 Tulip Street, Philadelphia

Opening the weekend of the 20/21 of October 2012. From 10 to 5 pm.

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