The green touch of Spain

Date: Wednesday, May 01 - Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is “the green touch of Spain”?


It is the visiting card regarding Ecodesing in Spain at the Big Apple. We are talking about a unique event which combines an space serving as a “stage” where attendants can interact with clothes, art and other people, all this backed with an online platform acting as ecommerce tool and also grouping all the different participants within a creative community: Beiñ

The Pop Up Shop will be an space dedicated to Slow Fashion from Spain, an encounter between slow communities, both from Spain and from New York, where brands and designers can show their creations, sharing experiences and values with professionals, influencers, consumers all committed to a more rational use of the planet resources.



Scheduled appointments with journalists and buyers.

Introducing our selection of brands and designers to NY and American market focusing on branding and direct sales to buyers and Consumers through our e-commerce platform

On-line broadcasting of the event through Beiñ.

Only for the event special edition magazine: The Green Touch.

Our main goal is generating market experiences for the brands.



An exquisite selection of brands an designers representing the current state of art of Ecodesign in Spain, showcasing textile, shoes, furniture and art.


When and why?

From May the 1st until May the 10th.

Because we are ready to compete outside and NY is the best place to show that.

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