ARTS ON 9TH SHOW, San Francisco - Group Show - Dec 02 2011

Date: Saturday, December 03 - Monday, January 02, 2012

ARTS ON 9TH SHOW - Group Show - Dec 02 2011

"120 Anniversary Art Show"

Pictures from the Opening Night:



"120 Anniversary Art Show"

OPENING NIGHT: Friday December 2, 2011 FROM: 6-9PM.

SHOW ENDS: January 2, 2012

by appointment only.

(415) 999-8020

"120 Anniversary Show" - Why that title?!: ... Our house was built exactly 100 years ago, in 1911! Hey, and the other 20 years?! ... That's when Kirstin & I met, in 1991. The holidays are coming, and it is a great idea to see family, friends and neighbors + be surrounded by good art.

Participating Artists:

Jesus Zamarron

Angelina Llongueras

Luna Nother

Rafael Vergel

Tim Burns

Paul Fappiano

Arturo Reyes Medina

Lee Harvey Rosswell

Hanna Quevedo

Miguel G. Haro

Christie La Russell

Kate Barrengos

Megan Lynch

María Capulino-Lanuza

Megan Hinchliffe

Mar Cirugeda

María Juárez


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