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ARCHIMOBILE. The creative archive of Matadero Madrid

Date: Thursday, December 01 - Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Location: Madrid - Spain

The CCEM (Centro Cultural Español en Miami) presents the most effective way to know the work of the best young creators living in Madrid: Archimobile for the first time in U.S

Curated by Gean Moreno, ARCHIMOBILE is a billboard, a documentation center and a work of art in of itself. Housedinside it isthe work of 100 artists of 16 different nationalities, all somehow connected to the city of Madrid. Paintings, photography, installations, videos, architecture, drawings illustrations and more are incorporated. Archimobile serves as a window to current creative trends for cultural institutions, both national and international, and aims to aid the collaborating artists in their search for exposure by improving their accesibility.

“Archimobile has a face that it shows to the public and another that it saves for private. The front of the structure opens up, turning into a billboard that advertises itself, while inside it offers all the services required to view the archive”

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