Best Travel Guides Books You Must Buy

Best Travel Guides Books You Must Buy

Let’s be honest: no one wants to travel without a good guide book. The problem is, there are so many Travel Guides Books out there on every destination imaginable and they all claim to be the best and most comprehensive. So how do you know which one to choose? The solution: turn to your favorite travel bloggers, who will tell you exactly which guides they use when they’re planning their trips. We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best travel guides books on everything from hotels and restaurants (because nothing is more important) to culture and history (because knowing where you’re going matters).

Travel Guides Books Lonely Planet Vietnam

Lonely Planet Vietnam is a comprehensive guide to this country. It has detailed coverage of the best places to visit in Vietnam and provides an overview of history and culture. The book also includes a good selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife options for those who want to try out some local cuisine or enjoy some drinks after a long day of sightseeing.

Travel Guides Books Rough Guides Phuket & The Andaman Coast

Rough Guides Phuket & the Andaman Coast is the latest addition to Rough Guides’ series of guidebooks. This 400-page travel guide book was published in 2015 and covers Phuket and other nearby islands in Thailand’s Andaman Coast.

The book features detailed information on where to stay, eat and drink, including beach resorts, boutique hotels and homestays; what activities are available on each island; how to get there by boat or plane; what buses go where (if any); how much you should pay for taxis etc.

Travel Guides Books Fodor’s Cuba

Fodor’s Cuba is a comprehensive guide to one of the most seductive destinations in the Caribbean. The guide offers expert advice on what to see and do in Cuba, with the best places to stay and eat, plus tips for getting around this fascinating island nation.

The Fodor’s series of travel guides has been helping travelers visit their dream destinations since Arthur Frommer began publishing guidebooks in 1958. Today there are more than 500 titles covering countries all over the world from A-Z!

Travel Guides Books Frommer’s South Africa

Frommer’s South Africa is a travel guides books for those who want to explore the country’s beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and fascinating history. This book offers information on all of South Africa’s major cities and national parks, as well as advice on choosing accommodations, restaurants and entertainment options. It also provides tips on how to get around by car or bus; what kinds of gear you’ll need when hiking in Kruger National Park; where to find good shopping bargains in Cape Town; how best to navigate Johannesburg’s complicated traffic situation (it can be quite challenging).

Travel Guides Books National Geographic Vietnam (Country Guide)

If you’re traveling to Vietnam and want to learn more about the country, this book is a must-have. The National Geographic Traveler: Vietnam (Country Guide) is filled with beautiful pictures, maps and detailed information about the culture and history of Vietnam.

The guidebook covers all aspects of travel including food, accommodations, culture, language tips and safety advice for travelers in Vietnam. It also includes practical information such as how to use public transportation or where to find good bargains on souvenirs when shopping at local markets.

These Are The Best Travel Guides Books You Must To Buy

If you’re a travel junkie, these are the Travel Guides Books you must have in your library.

  • Lonely Planet Vietnam (travel guide)
  • Rough Guides Phuket & the Andaman Coast (travel guide)
  • Fodor’s Cuba (travel guide)
  • Frommer’s South Africa (travel guide)
  • National Geographic Vietnam (Country Guide)


The above are the best Travel Guides Books you must buy. They will help you a lot when traveling in Vietnam, Phuket & Andaman Coast or Cuba.