Best Hiking Trails in Germany

Best Hiking Trails in Germany

Hiking is a long-distance activity where people walk across the country. People go hiking for different reasons; some to burn calories which prevents cardiovascular risks. Some enjoy nature; looking at beautiful sceneries, waterfalls, listening to birds or water flowing, a breath of fresh air helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Others want to discover new places, plants, forests, landscapes allows you to be more informed. While most sports involve competition, hiking is a coming together sport to enjoy. It makes the sport attract more people to create moments and bond with families and friends. It also has many psychological benefits as you disconnect to clear your mind from reality. Hiking is not expensive since all you need are durable clothes and shoes, snacks, water, and moving outdoors to experience all the fun. To get a supply of tents and outdoor accessories required for camping, adventure, and hiking,  try brands on bergfreunde. Germany has magnificent landscapes and hiking trails that people can go hiking which  include;

1. Wutachschlucht, Baden-Württemberg

Wutachschlucht is a deep and narrow valley with River Wutach, the River Rhine’s tributary flowing across it, and has vertical rocks on one side. It is near Löffingen town, near the Swiss border and about 20km east of a black forest with a great canopy of trees, Schluchsee.  Here you experience a relaxed, calm surrounding with lizards, flowers, and butterflies. The trail is 13km, and one can walk for three to four hours, and there is a hotel to get refreshments and food.

2. Goldsteig

Goldsteig is the longest trail in Germany, covering 660km starting Marktredwitz and ending at  Nassau. To complete the course, you need approximately 23days because it has a moderate steepness making trekking less difficult. May to September is the best season to visit.  It is covered with snow during winter and, therefore, very risky to move because the terrain is unpredictable. It passes through forests, towns and is quite habited, so you cant get lost—an array of hotels and places to reside across the stretch.

3. The Luther Trail

It is also called Lutherweg is among the most beautiful route in Germany. It has a great history with Martin Luther, a German priest, and monk famous for Reformation in the protestant churches, walking in Thuringia. It is a 410km stretch passing across states of Saxony, Bavaria, Thuringia and connecting many churches and memorials of the days of Reformation. It has a forest that is 16km that stretches between two towns; Schmalkaden, with a historic beautiful hilltop castle, and Tambach-Dietharz, with a renowned fountain of water that allegedly heals all diseases. An available bus to ferry you across this trail.

4. Panoramaweg, Baden-Württemberg

It is a breathtaking trail passing across an orchard of trees to enhance food production, waterfalls, and a beautiful landscape stretching about 45km. It is an award-winning trail for hiking with its start and end on the Baden-Baden’s town. There is a late-night hotel if you run late for the hiking Waldhotel Forellenhof close to Oberbeuern, a village in Kaufbeuren city. One can access the black forest for great photos because of its fantastic sceneries.

5. Painters’ way

It is also called Malerweg. Its name comes from an artistic couple who captured memories and put them into their work on the beautiful sceneries of this trail. It has some of the most attractive photos taken here as it gives a romantic and wild vibe. It stretches in a 112km place known as Saxon Switzerland through a National park with unique formations of rocks. It also has hotels and stay-in areas as you enjoy your trail.

6. Rheinsteig Trail

Rheinsteig Trail is one of the most adventurous summer places to go for hiking lovers. Having a length of 320km along the banks of River Rhine, it stretches from the federal city, Bonn to, Wiesbaden, a town in the central west of Germany, running akin to the  Rheinhöhenweg Trail and Rheinburgenweg Trail. Rheinhöhenweg Trail is a hiking trail on the mountains of the Rhine River. At the same time, Rheinburgenweg Trail takes the left of the Rhine River from a town in Rhineland-Palatinate, Bingen, to another city, Remagen, and the right side begins from Rüdesheim am Rhein, a winemaking town to Koblenz, a multi-nation tributary. The most scenic views are on the 40km stretch between Lorch am Rhein and St. Goar, where the vineyards terraces incline downwards towards the Rhine River with castles dotting the clifftops. They are comfortable guesthouses with fantastic food and castles to settle in after a day of hiking.

In conclusion, hiking is a must-consider opportunity for a healthier and happier life.

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