What is SPAINred

SPAINred is a cultural professional networking site, produced by the Spain-USA Foundation as a platform to connect professionals and artists in the field of Spanish culture to share information, proposals, and provide a space for conversation.

Highly sophisticated and easily managed by its members, this useful site functions as a social network, a digital cultural archive and a dynamic database.

This social network is addressed to Spaniards working or planning to work in institutions, and other agencies in the US; and all cultural professionals willing to explore opportunities with SpainĀ“s arts and culture in the US (including visual artists, playwrights, architects, designers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, producers, distributors, editors, managers, curators, researchers and much more!).

This platform will serve as a tool that will encourage and cultivate synergies among its participants as well as with other international agents professionally related to the members of SPAINred.

SPAINred's main goal is to bring visibility and promote projects taking place in the arts industry, as well as to develop, share and encourage a network of information for all those interested in contemporary Spanish culture. SPAINred aims to spark communication among cultural professionals and enhance the development of new synergies in collaborative projects, by putting control directly into the hands of its members, so that the best ideas can see the light of day.