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Are you organizing a cultural event this Spring/Summer 2015 that promotes the Spanish arts and/or its artists? Let us help you promote it!



SPAIN arts& culture is pleased to announce the winner of the open call "Mexico-Cuba-Spain film Festival" TRYOUTS by Susana Casares.

We thank all those who contributed to our Open Call. Our congratulations to Susana Casares.

Projected to be held at the mythical East Village Club The Pyramid, Unpaired States will be a montly art show that aims to revive the art experimentation nights held in NYC during the 80's.

Christopher Makos “Altered Images” for PORTS 1961.

Director: Ivan Cordoba.
Produced by Makostudio.

Equation not always stays unalterable, some values increase, some others decrease, other remain constant. Despite the fact that apparently loses its balance, destroying the system which integrates in itself, regains stability. Inside and outside lose their meaning only in certain places, like a Moebius strip.

GALA Hispanic Theatre  MEXICO – CUBA – SPAIN FILM FESTIVAL showcases a selection of the best contemporary films from Mexico, Cuba, and Spain, many of which have received awards in major international film festivals.

We welcome submissions in the following categories:



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