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Thursday, 04/17/2014


Author: GALA Theatre
Dear Friend:   We have had an exciting 2012-2013 season at GALA Theatre and we couldn't have done that without your support. Now we are...
Author: MóNica CofiÑo
  "Texto y danza para Vacas" La XaTa la Rifa on Tour I put the cowshow in a suitcase and left. Now I'm free to dance like a cow. I see...
Author: Emilio Vieites Aguiar
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Author: Alex Lora
We need your help for my last short "Only Solomon Lee"   You can take a look to our kickstarter page here:
Author: Jordi Naro
Hi everyone!   I am Jordi Naro. I'm an actor and filmmaker from Barcelona living now in New York with an artist visa.   I would like to...
Author: Emilio Vieites Aguiar
El proceso que subyace al sentimiento de amor es complejo y  el impulso de querer por encima del individualismo entraña un comportamiento...
Author: Daniel Valle Gómez
I'm glad to present the crowdfunding campaign of TERMITA FANZINE featuring many rewards.