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Thursday, 04/24/2014


Wild Horses is a short story that gathers three particular moments in the lives of three girls who end up linked by destiny in a whimsical way. All quirky...
With the objective of announcing the conference speakers, this series of audiovisual pieces were presented at the OFFF festival . Orugonic, a very...



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Ivan Cordoba has updated projects "These Days".
Ivan CordobaDespués de un largo paréntesis hay segundo lanzamiento en Soupe de Souffle: "Ghost Waves" un corto documental sobre Folklore and Mathmatics :)
Ivan Cordoba has added the following projectss: Parisienne per L'Oréal Paris
Ivan Cordoba"Connexions Bujumbura" trailer, now with english subtitles! and english website ready! Check it out! :)
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About me

Filmmaker-Director and Editor, Ivan Cordoba was born in 1976 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, but is raised from the first moment in Haro,

About me

Filmmaker-Director and Editor, Ivan Cordoba was born in 1976 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, but is raised from the first moment in Haro, a small town in northern La Rioja, Spain. From an early age he is surrounded by storybooks, comics, drawing and painting stuff, crafts and later on collections of music albums that were sold for deliveries at the bookstore owned by his maternal family. Somehow influenced by having grown up among colored pencils, erasers, cardboards and all sort of publications he decides, after finishing career of Teaching, studying graphic design and editorial production, which leads him, once finished the corresponding internship, to be hired by the Converse design team, Avia and Kappa in 2004. After working over three years as a graphic designer for catalogues and textiles, and also product designer developing footwear and accessories for these brands, he moves to Barcelona in 2007 to return studying, this time visual arts, specializing in video and multimedia, at international design school IED. It is right there where the evolution occurs towards the design of moving image and where, almost like a revelation, he experiences the fascination with the use of the camera to convey ideas, concepts and emotions. It is precisely while directing an experimental short film for one of the subjects when he notices the strong feeling that he wants to devote himself to writing and directing film projects, whatever the style, the rest of his life. During this stage in Barcelona is selected to participate in an european contest organized by Mercedes-Benz and Wallpaper magazine being awarded with “Best Design Exhibit” for the presented video installation. He also gets to collaborate with the artist Alicia Framis in a collective exhibition at Santa Monica Art Centre, at the same time he is selected to present a number of audiovisual works in video art festivals such as Loop, Barcelona VisualSound and OFFF festival, undoubtedly the most important and decisive of all. It is shortly before graduation, during the final project, when he begins to make works for the international festival of visual arts and digital culture OFFF, happy circumstance that reaffirms his desire to start a professional career as a director and visual artist. Once finished the stage in Barcelona and already established in New York since February 2011 he continues working with the OFFF festival making experimental and conceptual audiovisual projects. Also develops a taste for documentary category set out in “Connexions Bujumbura”, a feature length documentary shot in Burundi, Africa. In New York also begins to collaborate with local artists at video art shows, he improves his craft as a filmmaker by attending a course of film directing at School of Visual Arts, and continues with his activity not only as a filmmaker and visual artist but also as an entrepreneur, director, producer and distributor of audiovisual content on line by developing new projects which will soon be coming true.